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Arts & Theater
December 12, 2020 to December 12, 2020
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue, New York, New York, United States
About This Event

Zeena Parkins returns to Roulette to celebrate the release of LACE BOX SET VOL 1 on Case Study Records. Two works will be presented – LACE_MOVEMENT.IV and SOMEWHERE ON A SLOW CURVE. The first is the 4th movement in an ongoing project begun in 2008, commissioned by the Merce Cunningham Dancer Studio. The trio Green Dome and dance artist, Joey Kipp, are working with a set of 10 pieces of lace that serve as scores for the musicians, with the mover identifying the space between dangerous obsession and bewitchment. The sound world is extended with the threading of a small feedback machine and field recordings of lacemakers from Magalas, France.

SOMEWHERE ON A SLOW CURVE_1st installment: ”hello Jay” #28, #29 #36, #37, #57, #60, and#64 is the 1st installment of part of a new composition that will see installments throughout the next two years. SOMEWHERE ON A SLOW CURVE is a multi-movement performance that takes its inspiration from the work of artist Jay DeFeo. Megan Schubert and Parkins will perform seven sections out of sixty-four from Part I, which focuses on DeFeo’s painting, The Rose. The painting emphasized a fixation with a heavily worked surface, through thinness and thickness, gouged and re-gouged, for eight years of DeFeo’s life. DeFeo’s patience and persistence resulted in a massive 2,000-pound painting, called The Rose. The Rose offers texture, timbre, scale, instability, longevity, and devotion, with the desire to see and be seen, as topics.

LACE_MOVMENT IV with Green Dome
Zeena Parkins: acoustic harp, electronics, field recordings, feedback
Ryan Sawyer: drums
Ryan Ross Smith: prepared piano and electronics
Joey Kipp: movement-choreography

SOMEWHERE ON A SLOW CURVE_1st installment “hello jay” #28, #29 #36, #37, #57, #60, and #64
Zeena Parkins: electric

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