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Arts & Theater
January 22, 2021 to January 22, 2021
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue, New York, New York, United States
About This Event

Coverture is a series of conversations and improvised performances devised by choreographer Tess Dworman in collaboration with Angie Pittman. Each night of the three-night run, Dworman will perform a duet with a different guest artist. The two will lipsynch to a recording of a conversation they previously had, and perform movement prompted from conversational threads.

The origin of these conversations and improvisational scores is rooted in the tragic death of Cuban-American painter, video-artist, sculptor, and performance artist, Ana Mendieta, who allegedly fell out of her Greenwich Village apartment window in 1985 during an argument with her husband, Carl Andre, an American icon of Minimalist art. Andre was acquitted for second-degree murder, and the story lives on as a Downtown art scene scandal, mostly through endless op-eds and mythology passed on through gossip.

The dubbed performance of these conversations creates a meeting point of multiple locations and times as the performers navigate the memory of a dialogue that unpacks the memory of a historical event. The dubbed element is also a reference to the film “Downtown 81”, an experimental documentary made by and about a group of Downtown New York artists in 1981. The film’s original dialogue audio was lost and had to be dubbed in post-production when it was finally released in 2000.

Coverture reflects on the behavior of a conversation. My mouth might be saying “dinner” but I’m thinking about traffic. When we talk about shared memory, we might be in five places at once, and it’s likely that none of those places is in our own bodies. What if there were nothing wrong with any of this, but we decided to ride the waves of time, place, and presence together for a little while?

Roulette’s Winter season will be presented virtually and available for free on a variety of streaming platforms. Our theater is currently closed for public performances as a resul

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