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The Strollers of Maplewood is proud to present the heart-warming drama THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL, by Horton Foote. Bountiful is the story of Carrie Watts, an elderly woman who longs to escape the cramped Houston apartment where she lives with her protective son, Ludie, and her authoritarian daughter-in-law, Jessie Mae. Carrie wants to return to her beloved hometown of Bountiful, Texas, one final time before she dies. Carrie finally manages to make her escape, aided by luck and the kindness of strangers. As she nears her destination, however, the veil of time and longing start to lift, revealing her beloved town isn't exactly what she remembers. "The Trip to Bountiful is about the myth of an idea called home. Mr. Foote creates characters, nearly all of whom come from the same stretch of provincial Texas, who long to believe in the reality of real estate, that a house is a fortress and an anchor in a world of threatening flux. But this bleakly sentimental playwright is as merciless as he is compassionate. Home is only an illusion for his people, and everyone is ultimately an orphan, even when surrounded by family." ---NY Times Directed by Wanda Maragni

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